Our Shop is Currently Closed

The team at Escape have moved on to new ventures, leaving little time to invest in Escape, therefore Escape is currently not operating.
We are still available to be contacted for after sales support.
If you are passionate about e-biking, and are interested in investment opportunities, you are welcome to express interest in taking over the business to keep the brand alive.

Thanks to all those who supported Escape, we are very pleased to be able to have helped so many people enjoy new adventures and go further than ever before.


Bringing people the opportunity to escape…

Born in Waihi Beach, Escape sells quality electric mountain trail bikes throughout New Zealand.

We believe everyone needs to escape from time to time, it’s therapy for the mind, body and soul. So we set out on a mission to help people get out, disconnect from the daily grind, re-connect with nature and re-discover themselves.

Our ebikes allow you to push your limits and go further than you ever have before. Whether you’re commuting in the city, open road cycling, or exploring NZ’s beautiful trails – Escape eBikes are for you! 

Escape the walls | Escape the city | Escape to have fun!

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Quality without the price tag

We have personally visited international bike factories to choose the very best manufacturers, and have played a part in our bikes’ design process to produce the best bikes for New Zealand conditions. This is why we confidently offer a 12-Month Warranty.

Through this process, we also managed to keep the price down – rather than blowing your budget, you can get out there on an Escape bike for a reasonable price, and you can still tackle up to grade 3 trails!

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We come to you

One of the ways we save you money, is not having a retail outlet. Our shop is entirely online, but if you would like to try before buy, you can!

We are located in the the Bay of Plenty and Waikato areas – feel free to contact us for a no obligation test ride. We can come to your place, meet at a local park, or organise a true test on one of the many great trails throughout the area!

 Escape the stress

“Cycling is one of the most effective treatments for stress and in many cases has been proven to be as effective as medication – if not more so”

 Neil Shah
Stress Management Society
Bike Radar

 Escape the congestion

Are you becoming more and more frustrated trying to deal with city congestion?

Once you ride an Escape bike and see how much fun it is, you’ll ride it everywhere – and all those short trips you used to take in the car, are now taken by ebike – helping the environment, your health,  and your well-being.

Extend your limits

“Essentially, it is like having Lance Armstrong on the back of a tandem, and asking him to pedal when you need.”

Jolisa Gracewood
Auckland e-biker