What is an eScape eBike?

Our eScape eBikes are essentially an electric motor assisted mountain-bike. An electric auxiliary motor contained in the rear wheel can be switched on, which assists the cyclist when he or she pedals.

Designed to complement your pedaling, not replace it, our eBikes utilize a torque sensor that measures how hard you push on the pedals. You set a power level—from low assistance to high—and the bike gives you power in proportion to your pedaling, allowing you to ride further, faster, and with greater ease and enjoyment.

escapbe Bikes Cycle motor
 Do I need a driving license to ride an eBike?

In New Zealand no special license is needed to ride a an eBike that has less than 300 watts of power.  Our 250 watt ebike motors are classified as a standard bicycle and and are legal on all bicycle trails and paths.  A safety is helmet is required for all riders, however.

How far can I go on an eBike?

The distance you can go on our eScape eBike depends on the amount of pedaling you do, as well as weight, route profile, outside temperature and the level of assistance you have selected.  Our batteries (built into the frame) usually last a minimum of 12 km with little or no pedaling, or up to more than 60km with low assist and more pedaling. Additional batteries can be purchased upon request.


How do I charge my eBike battery?

Our ebikes batteries are plugged into a mains socket via charger.  The charging time depends on the level of use and is between 2-6 hours.  An extra battery is recommended for long (45 km +) rides.

escapbe Bikes Cycle motor
Are they good quality?

We have personally visited international bike factories to choose the very best manufacturers and have played a part in our bikes design process to produce the best bikes for New Zealand conditions.

Check out this behind the scenes video of our bikes being built!

Built for NZ Terrain, Built to Escape!